All of our Medicines are legit form The Pharmaceutical Companies so Please make sure that you have ordered the right Medicine which is Prescribed you form a Physician. Any USE/ MISUSE of the medicine without knowing and Prescribed it can be Very DANGEROUS for you and Pricelessmedoc take no RESPONSIBILITY of it. So please when you order anything you must sure that you are aware of it and prescribe it from your local Physician.

We receive payment through western union and MoneyGram Please ask us for payment information before sending us money all the payment information is not permanent it varies every time and you will get different payment information for you every single order.

After getting payment information you have to send payment within three days of exclusive holiday weekends otherwise, payment information will be expired and we will not receive payment on that payment information then you will have to change the receiver name of the payment.

You have to provide the sender name of the payment and for the customers who send payment trough Moneygram please send us a sender name with his date of birth otherwise we will not be able to take your payment.


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